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Richard Meek
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Richard Meek Sounds like Foo Fighters on roids! Love this track! Favorite track: Nosebleed.
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released November 10, 2015

Big thanks to eveyone who helped us out in any way possible; Jacob Back, Black Rose Studio, Martial Law, Dozer, Mammoth, It Hurts To Be Dead, Far From Nothing, Household, Valleys, Starve, Ethan, Keyton, Dyron, Tyler, Logan, PAPA JON, Arthur, Daniel, Camden, Steffen i guess, and anyone who has ever made it to a show.



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Track Name: Unruly
I can yell if I want, it's not like anyone is listening. Two years down, and I'm still not proud of anything. How can I be? My friends would rather be out doing nothing, than watch what I pour my heart into for twenty-fucking-minutes.
Track Name: Status
I push my fingers as close as I can. Prepare this weight in my hand, "Will this make me a man?" I said. Climb the stairs and try to reach my full potential, but I don't know when to stop. Call me a piece of shit, that's all I've ever been to you is wasted. Now I'm picking up my life to take on everything. You'll never know the things I've done to prove you wrong. I put myself, my heart on everything to make my name strong. Now I'm weak and wearing thin, but don't you dare say that I'm wasted. Living wrong and doing well, the truth is I am overwhelmed. I'm falling down the stairs again, I try to catch the ground and the room begins to spin. I know it's soon when this all ends. I've worn myself paper thin.
Track Name: Nosebleed
Im tired, I've got my back to the wall it doesn't seem like you care anymore. Arm twisted, can I fix this? It probably doesn't help that I'm living myself like a chore. I slave everyday to get minimum made, live my life to a T, everyday is the same. I'm forgetting my place. I'm forgetting my face. I'm forgetting my name. It's getting harder to breathe with all this shit on my chest. I know that it's meant to kill me, but I'm doing my best. Do I have to? If I want to do what's best for the rest of my life. Do I have to? If I want to do what's best for the rest of them. Harder and harder these days grow on it makes me sick, should I drag myself or is it worth it? "If I do my best, if I work my hardest I can do great things." I start to think my whole life that I've been deceived.
Track Name: Plano
Cut me out, I haven't been in the frame, you haven't noticed the difference without me. I haven't noticed the cold, you haven't noticed the drought, I guess it's safe to say that I let you down. I'm at the end of my rope, but I'm still fighting for you. I'm at the peak of my life, but I'd still die for you. It's alright if you wouldn't do the same, I do this everyday.
Track Name: Dozer
You're the same kid you've been for years. Trying to impress your peers, that you let down all the ones that you hold close. Who do you hold close? Anyone anymore? I guess it comes with the turf, but was it worth it? Back in the day, between you and me, we knew nothing about maturity. You left home, you learned alone. You came back and you were so much different.
Track Name: Trumpets
Stand clear, it's been a long night, and I can't wait to sleep with no conscience on my mind. Don't take their word on anything. I promise you that it will be okay, I know it hurts, but don't ever let them tell you what you're worth. I know it's not your fault, I guess these pills can't solve it all. Be the change that you wanna see in the world, never let another person try to slow you down. When you look at yourself, try to look at the faults, these will be the things that take you to the top. Let's go, I'm done wasting my night trying to impress these people with their precious time. When was the last time you looked at yourself, and questioned your way of life, who you really are. C'mon living your life for others wasn't meant to go this far. Don't listen to him, he's just pulling an act, he's just reading a script. He's sure to die without a cause, living his life without knowing who he was. We are all just broken trumpets, doing our best until our notes run out, our hearts are augmented, dreams diminished. We're doing our best to prove that we're still living this.
Track Name: Ritalin
At the end I'll say, "I've read the same three lines at least thirteen times, but that's good for me these days." Attraction, distraction. You know me better than I know myself. Attraction, distraction. I've tried everything but nothing helps. My Ritalin underscores what I should be. Living up to standards that I just can't reach on my own. While it's a clear line, I'm a straight right shot into the dark. I take it personally. I hate the way it makes me feel I hate the way it tastes. I hate the way it's always shoved right back in my face, whether I make it not, that's my decision. It makes me lose weight, it makes me suicidal. It makes me wanna kill myself no matter what, in spite of everything I've done just to prevent that. I need help, but not this. I never wanted to lose my friends.
Track Name: Conditions ft. Josh Gilbert of Household
Screaming at the top of my lungs will hardly make a difference. Growing up with a family and suddenly it's different, when you're spread so thin. How can you live like this? Growing up with someone selfless has made you someone cold and selfish. I'm losing sleep over something that I can't help. I know it's not my fault, but i still feel guilt. Maybe I'll just stay quiet. Are we growing up or are we growing thin? We haven't talking in months we only bitch. I only see you on holidays, and sometimes you skip. I know a family grows, but it's something I miss.
Track Name: Living At Home
Constantly pushing me, but I'm never thanked for the shit I do daily. If I left, would it run through your head. Would you notice? Constantly pushing me. What makes you an expert on people like myself? I never see you where I hangout.
Track Name: Danielson (dankson)
I've got my life planned out. Nothing could happen to change that now. You walked in, you walked out. No matter what, I'll call back. One false hope and I'll chase that. One false spark, and I'll ignite fast. We got close, but you changed that. Going on a month next week, I can't sleep yet again. How'd I find myself in this situation. I can't sleep I can't win, I'll complain to my friends, then I'll run from my problems like she runs through my head.